May 25

Thank You from APA

Outstanding work from Blake Jenkins with CCLD for exceeding the expectations of our clients, the American Psychiatric Association! Please see the note below from Mr. Mark Myers, the Director for Administrative Services at APA.

Good Afternoon Everyone,


I asked Blake to provide me with your contact information so that I could reach as many of his supervisors to let you know how great a job Blake did and how well he represented CCLD.


I have been working in logistical support at meetings for over 25 years for different associations and have held that position at APA for the last six years.  I have worked in many cities across the United States and Canada in the respective convention centers of the city, but this is the first time I worked a meeting in Atlanta.


Over the years I have worked with many internet/telephone companies but I have never worked with someone as professional and efficient as Blake Jenkins.  When I first made contact with Blake in June of last year to discuss the internet and telephone connections for May of this year, he responded quickly and provided me with the information I needed.  Every time I needed to talk to him between June and May, he continued to answer my questions, questions from APA’s IT department, and questions from anyone else I had to put him in contact with, quickly and succinctly.


Once on-site Blake continued to provide me, which means the entire APA, with excellent customer service, no matter what we requested.  He often would check to see if we needed anything and always responded calmly, even when I called him with an emergency that would require a last minute change and then called him 15 minutes later to cancel the planned change.  This particular emergency was made after hours and not only did Blake assure me that he could handle the change, he never made me feel as if I was bothering him or causing a problem by asking for changes to be made “after hours”.


I really appreciate Blake’s calm attitude while supporting me during our meeting.  With so many “emergencies” that I normally have to deal with during a meeting, Blake made sure that anything that was related to the internet/telephone was handled immediately and without needing follow-up attention.  Blake Jenkins is a huge asset to your company and I would recommend any other organization that has a show in Atlanta to make sure Blake is part of their team.


Thank you, and thank you Blake.




Mark W. Myers, FMP