Student Dome project has heart and soul


As part of the Georgia World Congress Center Authority’s ongoing partnership with SCAD Atlanta, on Thursday, June 2, students under Graphic Design Professor Lisa M. Babb’s tutelage presented their multi-media project commemorating the Georgia Dome to an enraptured audience of GWCCA staff at SCAD’s Digital Media Center.

The students – representing graphic design, motion media, photography and television production disciplines – were charged with creating a commemorative package that can be given to the Dome’s various stakeholders.

Entitled The Georgia Dome: Twenty-Five Years of Heart & Soul, the multi-faceted project creatively documents the stadium’s 25 years.

 “For us, this project is full of heart and has soul, just like the Georgia Dome,” said Babb. “Our students have done a fantastic job of both rising to the occasion and playing to their strengths – as any team does.”