Total Team Effort: One Dream, One Team



Hosting the 20th anniversary celebration of the 1996 Summer Olympics at Centennial Olympic Park on July 16 proved to be an all-hands-on deck affair. Cross-departmental coordination and cooperation was key, job titles weren’t a focus, receiving credit wasn’t on the agenda, and pecking order didn’t matter.

 It was the physical embodiment of the Authority’s four core values: Be One, Be Honest, Be Stewards, Be Dynamic.

 In short, teamwork was the name of the game.

 That teamwork ethos was also represented by the Park’s volunteer staff, organized by Visitor Center and Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Tinker. She was able to minimize the amount of part-time staff needed by maximizing the use of her legion of excellent volunteers. Centennial Olympic Park volunteers contributed a total of 107 hours of service related to the event.

 Meanwhile, overlapping with the Olympic celebration at the Park, the Georgia World Congress Center hosted the annual V-103 Car and Bike Show drawing more than 17,000 attendees to the Authority’s downtown campus on Saturday (July 16).

 And both of these Saturday events came on the heels of a week that saw a 20,000-seat plated dinner served during the Alpha Kappa Alpha convention at the GWCC and “Family Feud” filming on campus, amid ongoing construction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and multiple maintenance projects.

 All of this accomplished with the backdrop of tightened security due to unfortunate recent national and international events marred by violence and terrorism.

 “I’ve been around this campus for a long time and have seen some major team accomplishments over the years,” said the Authority’s Chief Commercial Officer, Carl Adkins. “Last week landed squarely in my top 10. In spite of the challenges, the team did what many in our business could not. The team came together to make the impossible possible. Congratulations to each and every one of you who came together to do the extraordinary while making it look ordinary.”