September 08

Recognizing Sylvia Ratchford

Mark Sussman, the Director of Trade Show Sales for the Atlanta Convention and visitors Bureau,  wanted to recognize one of our annual event’s top executives at the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game on Saturday.

Sylvia Ratchford,  Executive Director of the Hinman Dental Society, was celebrating her birthday as well as 20 years with the organization.

Through the smart and appreciated efforts of  Marcy Anderson, Mark Geiger, Joe Skopitz, and Mark Sussman; a message of the Authority’s gratitude was placed on the Building B billboard outside of the GWCC.

Ratchford was “surprised and thrilled” by the gesture. She is pictured below.



The Hinman Dental Society will host their annual meeting at GWCC in March of 2017. The highly esteemed clinic has taken place for 104 years.  With warm regards and dedication to great service through proactive relationship building, the meeting will go off without a hitch.