September 28

Being Stewards: Protecting our patrons, preserving our pride

A special congratulations are in order for  Centennial Olympic Park police officer Ryan Panozzo, Georgia World Congress Center police officer Jimmy Marcus, as well as GWCC security officer John Ogletree in dealing with a sensitive security issue at the Park.

Sunday, September 24th, the officers were patrolling through C.O.P. when they came across three children that were wandering without any supervision. They gathered the children and found out that their grandfather abandoned them at the Fountain of Rings to play. Recognizing that these children were hungry and scared, they bought them some fries and drinks from Googie Burger while things were sorted out.

This is a great example of the Authority’s Core Values. “Be Steward” shows that these gentleman are focused on safety and committed to serving our customers, community, environment and each other.

For their continued active duty upholding campus safety, we thank you.