Domenators dominate Knuckleballers


The third time proved to be the charm as the Authority’s softball team, the Domenators, handily defeated the Governor’s squad, Nathan’s Kuckleballers, 8-1 Wednesday on the Georgia Dome turf.

A friendly competition and gesture of goodwill toward Gov. Nathan Deal’s staff who relish the opportunity to play under the bright lights of the 71,250-seat storied stadium, the Domenators hadn’t notched a win in the annual softball challenge until Wednesday.

It was also the event’s third and last staging in the Georgia Dome, which is set for decommissioning in 2017.

The Domenators’ roster consisted of: Lindsay Strickland, Jason Kirksey, Kent Kimes, Kat Bakhaus, Tamlyn Horne, Carla Sayeh, Bill Smith, Reggie Graham, Travis Smith, Robert Cobb, Deon Villasencio, Aundre Goode, Pargen Robertson and Kerry Champion.

Channeling his best Skip Caray, GWCCA Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Duvall, emceed the event and called the play-by-play action.

Members of the Knuckleballers went home with mementos from the game, including  commemorative Georgia Dome Final Year trophy case replica helmets, as seen in the photo below.20161012_185355