December 07

Cup ‘o Joe makes customer’s day in Savannah

hot-coffee-coffee-24525831-1024-768While attending the Association of Educational Service Agencies Conference Nov. 30-Dec. 3 at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center (SITCC), Alicia McDonald, Director of Student Services for Capital Area Intermediate Unit,  was having one of those mornings.

She was on the cusp of running late for a 9 a.m. session, but in the hunt for her morning cup of hot java (the caffeinated kind).

“It was 8:57 and I was desperately seeking coffee,” wrote McDonald in an e-mail.

She roamed the convention center to no avail.

Until she found Samuel Mackey, an SITCC food and beverage server.

“I ran into Samuel who was prepping a cart towards a service entrance. I asked if I could grab a cup, he let me know it would be out at 10. He asked if I wanted decaf – and I said no thanks. I was disappointed, and must have looked it, and walked away quickly to return to my session,” wrote McDonald.

She was halfway down the hall when she heard, “Ma’am! Ma’am?”

McDonald continued: ” Samuel had realized how disappointed I was and came to ask if he couple please go get me a cup of coffee. He did and made my day! I am pretty sure I was bratty in my disappointment. He didn’t care about that but cared enough to find a way to make me smile and get me what I wanted. I am so appreciative that I ran into Samuel and wanted you to know how special and exemplary his service was.”