December 09

The Authority Shines Bright at the 30th Biennial

Earlier this week Executive Director Frank Poe presented on behalf of the GWCCA at the 30th Biennial Institute for Georgia Legislators breakfast held in Athens, Georgia. He  spoke to legislators and guests about the great things happening at the Authority and the need for a contiguous exhibition facility (formerly known as the B/C connector). 



New and veteran legislators count on the Biennial Institute to provide information and training that will help them make better-informed decisions for Georgia. A recognized event on the state’s political calendar since 1958, the Biennial provides legislators with valuable time for learning, networking, and exploring state issues prior to the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

During the 3-day event Georgia officials had the opportunity to stop by the GWCCA booth, manned by our very own Lindsay Strickland, Rebecca Mobley, Alicia McNease and Tim Trefzer.


The team was able to talk with many decision makers about the Authority, the proposed contiguous exhibition facility (CEF), and the possible economic impact that the project could have on the state ($632 million). Kudos to the team for being great brand ambassadors for the GWCCA.

Read more about the CEF here:  Contiguous Exhibition Facility Info Sheet.

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