January 05

Going beyond the call of duty

As brand ambassadors of the #1 Convention, Sports, and Entertainment Destination in the World, we have opportunities every day to make a difference in the lives of our guests while helping to create memories. Below you’ll find a heartwarming story highlighting how the Authority’s public safety department seized the opportunity and made a young man feel right at home at the Georgia Dome.

Good Morning Team,

On December 31, 2016 during the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, we had an incident where an intoxicated father left his 14-year-old son at the Georgia Dome. The son was not wanting to ride home with his intoxicated father, so the father went to his car and left his son. We were unable to make contact with the father, which left us caring for the 14-year-old. I would like to provide a shout out to Major Yeager, Officer Billingslea, and CSC Officer Winfrey for their great work last night. Officer Billingslea took the initial report and stayed with the child until the mother was able to arrive from Birmingham, AL. Officer Billingslea was able to build up a bond with the boy and spent close to 2.5 hours with him. Major Yeager went to Burger King and purchased food, using his own money, so that the boy would be able to have something to eat. Major Yeager also provided his personal phone charger so that the boy could charge his phone. As I was providing the boy a tour of the Dome, CSC Officer Winfrey joined in the tour. The boy shared a story of how he really wanted to have a souvenir cup but his father would not let him. With hearing this, Officer Winfrey was able to obtain a souvenir cup and provided it to the boy. These acts provided a 14-year-old boy a positive experience from a negative situation.  These three went above and beyond the call of duty to provide comfort to this boy. As the boy was leaving he personally thanked all who were involved and was absolutely thrilled at the experience he had with the GWCCA Department of Public Safety. Way to set an example for us all!


Lt. Travis Smith

Kudos to our team.