January 12

Taking it a step further

Thank you Dottie Pegues at the Centennial Olympic Park Visitors Center for going beyond the call and helping a family make an indelible memory.

Please see below:

On December 27th we visited the Park with my relatives from New Jersey.  They had purchased bricks for the 96 Olympics and wanted to see them while visiting the Park.  Two of the bricks were behind the area closed off for the (Chinese) Lantern Festival and I was afraid they would not be able to see them.  Dottie, who was working in the visitor center, was so helpful and actually escorted us behind the fence so we could find the bricks.  She was so kind and helpful I just wanted to let you know that you have a valued employee who makes a great impression for the Park and for the city of Atlanta.  Please let her know how much we appreciated her assistance.

Judy Chasey

Buford, Georgia