January 27

Helping Spread Falcons Fever

If you want the Atlanta Falcons logo painted on a piece of state-owned turf – who you gonna call?

The experts, of course.

At the request of state officials, the Georgia Dome’s main field prep crew was summoned to paint the Super Bowl-bound Atlanta Falcons’ logo on the grassy area at the center of Liberty Plaza, an outdoor space adjacent to the Capitol building that is used for rallies, protests and other gatherings.

The plaza was shut down Thursday afternoon, and the crew – painters Leroy Smith, Travis Smith, Corey Beasley and Serena McKibbens, plus audio/video tech Randy Ramroop – reproduced the famous Falcons emblem from the Dome’s 50-yard line.

They used a stencil to outline the Falcon and then filled it in with a special water-based turf paint.

“Once they got into it, they were really excited,” said Dome Engineering Services Manager Michael Moore.

The crew is prepared to retouch the logo in the event of heavy rain prior to the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 – and to add the appropriate championship artwork if the Falcons win the big game.