February 07

Going Out on Top!

Even though the events at the Dome are dwindling, the Dome staff is committed to “Going Out on Top” as evident by this email from WinterJam:


My husband’s band, Newsong, partially owns the Winter Jam tour that played at the Dome last night. I get the opportunity to travel with him a lot of the time, and I’ve been to many many venues across the country. Every single year, without fail, since Winter Jam has used the Dome, everyone on the tour comments on what a lovely event staff and security staff you have.
Every single person we interact with from the Dome is kind, nice, smiles, goes out of their way to help.
It is always such a pleasure!

I don’t know why the Dome is getting torn down. It’s my favorite venue. But I hope the staff and security detail stays the same.

It’s top notch!

I just wanted to say, thank you.
Ashlee Butler