February 15

SITCC team participates in ACCT Olympics

The Association for Challenge Course Technology held their 27th Annual Convention in Savannah, GA February 1-4, 2017.

ACCT is the world’s leading and largest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer focused specifically and solely on the challenge course industry.

One of the traditions of closing out the conference is to hold the ACCT Olympics. The Olympics is a sort of field day for challenge course industry insiders. Teams compete in various industry specific events to earn points and bragging rights.

ACCT has always invited their host facility to enter a team into the competition. Until now, that call has always gone unanswered. This year however, SITCC stepped up and entered the competition with Shannon Scott (Engineering), Theo Woods (Operations), Angela Oldfield (Event Services), and Cate Cox (Savor Savannah) representing the Center. Three industry insiders joined the team to help with some of the technical aspects of the competition.

The SITCC team competed in the keypunch, rope cutting, gear bag (guess the weight), knot tying (bowline on a bite, double fisherman’s prusik, and the super 8 with backup), and the cable whip.

When all was said and done, the SITCC team placed fourth out of nine teams! At the closing banquet of the ACCT conference, the SITCC team received a standing ovation for their efforts and accomplishments.

KUDOS to our SAVANNAH TEAM!!! What a way to represent the Authority! 

acct-shannon-and-theo-rope-cutting acct-shannon-and-theo-rope-cutting-2