March 03

Savannah Customer Savoring the Experience

An attendee of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilt Con East, held Feb. 23-26 at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, arrived in a sullen mood, but left with a smile on her face, thanks to the facility’s catering partner, Savor…Savannah.

Below is a note from satisfied customer Diana Cherryholmes.

I recently attended the Quilt Con convention at the Savannah International (Trade) & Convention Center.

Two Savor employees deserve recognition, as they continued to assist me with ice for my ice bag with a smile on their faces.  As well as other random purchases during my visit to the convention center.  Their names are Deborah  Johnson (the cashier) and Celathia Brown.   Deborah is leadership material!  

I came to Savannah grumpy with a bum shoulder, and left smiling having been comforted and assisted by your awesome employees!  

 Thank you.