March 29

Wellness Wednesday: Are You Present?

Well-being is a state of optimal health, happiness, and purpose which is rewarded to those who commit to healthy habits.

From technology to customer service, you play a vital role in the Authority’s ability to compete in the global economy. An innovative way to build competitive advantage is to improve the health status and well-being of our workforce.

Your health influences your work behavior, including attendance and on-the-job performance. Research suggests the causes of absenteeism fall into five main categories.

  1. Personal illness
  2. Family issues
  3. Personal needs
  4. Leave abuse
  5. Stress

If you feel burnt out or at risk for increased absences, then we encourage you to participate in MotivateMe. MotivateMe is an incentive program that helps you change unhealthy behaviors – and rewards you for making these changes.  MotivateMe will help you engage with your health and develop healthier habits resulting in personal productivity.

For more information, contact Crystal Lowe at 404-223-4430.

Renew your mind and redefine the way you live today. Optimal health is the greatest reward you’ll ever receive at the GWCCA.

Be well. We care.