May 04

Getting Stuff Done: Erle Coleman Day

A portion of the Building C docks outside of the Purchasing Dept. warehouse has long been a holding (some might say dumping) ground for surplus equipment, creating an eyesore in an area where many dignitaries and VIPs are lead through to make backdoor entrances for appearances at functions on the GWCCA campus.

Discarded kitchen equipment, furniture, unused building materials, wiring, various bins, barrels and containers – you name it.

The problem persisted for decades.

But not anymore, thanks to Erle Coleman, the Authority’s Director of Purchasing, who led the charge in getting the surplus storage problem fixed, as well as getting the area cleaned up. For his efforts in spearheading this project, today, May 4, 2017, has officially been proclaimed Erle Coleman Day by GWCCA Executive Director Frank Poe.



He was given 30 days to solve this surplus storage problem, and get the area cleaned up, but he achieved the goal in seven days, with the help of receiving clerks Juan Smith, Kalpesh Patel and McKinley Mosby. A celebration for all those involved in the project will be planned for later this month.

Many of the surplus items are now out to auction, a dozen awaiting payment/pick-up, and other items will be recycled. Moving forward, the cage area will be utilized more and items stored in this area will be better arranged.


Presented with a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement today, an excerpt from the proclamation reads: “Erle is officially a pacesetter for the organization by providing an essential service to the customers of the Authority, upholding the Oz Principle defined by accountability, and developing and implementing solutions to complex problems.”