June 21

Kudos from Rotary International!

Rotary International’s Annual Convention took place at the GWCCA on June 10-14, 2017. Completing this event successfully took an abundance of teamwork and dedication from all involved! Below are two kind notes from a Rotary employee and SEAT Planners Incorporated. Keep up the great work!


Good morning everyone!


I would like to add my gratitude to those expressed below.  Thank you for your partnership and expertise of Atlanta and the GWCC.  Without it, our event would not have been successful.  When the GWCC team brought the Atlanta Streets Alive event to Rotary’s attention, I truly appreciated that you came prepared with a plan.  Sunday had more issues than this single event, but your team of professionals reacted with professionalism at each turn.


The consistent communication and availability of each member was appreciated.  I cannot thank you all enough.



Kara Ottum

Transportation & Logistics Supervisor

Meetings & Events



Happy Monday from San Diego! Thank you and your team for partnering with SEAT Planners to provide a safe and efficient transportation system for Rotary International. This was especially important for our six ADA lift-equipped vans. I received many compliments on the service and I could not have done it without your direction.


Best Wishes, 

~mina and the SEAT info team

Guillermina Gutierrez, PHR

Business Manager

SEAT Planners Incorporated