August 29

Strive for 5: Chick-fil-A Field Day!

Last Thursday, Chick-fil-A hosted its Employee Field Day event at the Georgia World Congress Center Authority. Kudos to everyone for a job well done and creating an exceptional customer experience… this event was truly a team lift and shows how to #BeOne! See the email below from Chick-fil-A praising the efforts of our team!

Where do I begin…..My experience with GWCC was so awesome from the word Start!


Tyler, I won’t ever forget while in LA (on west coast time) how you were quickly emailing me (back & forth) as I anxiously looked to find and secure a large indoor space (I had been searching all over the City of Atlanta for weeks!)


Your emails put me at ease. I’ll never forget that. From there, all my interactions with you and the rest of the team were absolutely wonderful!


Melody, you and the catering team rocked it! I hate I didn’t get to see you Thursday however I totally understand we’ve not figured out how to clone ourselves quite yet – lol!.


The food was plentiful and delish! I heard several remarks about breakfast, the awesome snacks and lunch; as you might imagine We Are Total Foodies at Chick-fil-A! Many CFA Staff shared with me how much they loved the healthy but savory snacks! Breakfast was just enough (not too heavy) before hours of fun/play time and, the Smokehouse Sampler did not disappoint!


Detris, Thank You So Much for being with us Thursday! It meant so much to the team and myself that you were there as we kicked-off and, you came by throughout the day to check on us.  I’m unsure where the catering support staff fall (under your team or Melody’s) but wanted to share specific feedback.


From the time I was greeted by the Dock Marshall at 5am, to meeting the lovely Ms. Carter, to every interaction I had throughout the day – The Banquets Team Were True Rock Stars!


OMG! Juan Is So Awesome! He’s most definitely an asset to GWCC, he knew what I needed before I could even get it out of my mouth. Ms. Felicia, Ms. Mariah, Ms. Carter and the others (I can’t recall their names, so sorry) were incredible all day long! Everyone was very helpful and accommodating throughout the entire day including the nice lady refreshing the ladies bathroom.


Having planned events for over 25+ years in Atlanta and around the US, I wish I had a team like yours to support all the time. As I shared during the day Thursday, the hard work and heavy lifting is done by those who hands & hearts lend direct support. GWCC has much to be proud of with this team!


Darrell, thank you for all you did to set us up for success! Our A/V worked perfect all day without a single hitch. A tech guy stopped by around lunch to check mic batteries, etc. We were all set!


Additionally, I provided real-time feedback to Detris regarding my interaction with Mara (sp?). I trust that Detris will share my feedback at the appropriate time. I’m happy to discuss by phone, if you’d prefer.


We (the People Planning team) will have a debrief meeting later this week; should I receive additional feedback, I’ll be sure to pass it along.


Thank You Tyler, Melody, Detris & Darrell for all you did to make our In-Door Field Day event a huge success! I’ll definitely keep GWCC in mind for future occasions.

Most Sincerely,

. . .

Theresa Garrett

Sr. Administrator, Restaurant Training