September 20

Campus projects update

Surely you’ve seen many of the “Pardon Our Progress” and “Pardon Our Dust” signs posted across the Authority campus.

As our facilities continue to evolve and/or receive upgrades, here is a Catalyst update on a few of the many projects going on across our campus.


  •  Terrazzo: The installation of this elegant, yet hard and durable surface that’s replacing carpet in the Georgia World Congress Center’s high traffic areas, continues, including in the Registration Hall Main Lobby, currently cordoned off with construction curtains and fencing, estimated for completion by November. Meanwhile, carpet removal and surface prepping – the contractor uses grinders to remove the carpet backing and glue prior to pouring the new surface – continues in  areas of Buildings A and B, while other spots have been completed or are nearing completion.  The design and flow of the terrazzo – from Building C through to Building A – is intended to compliment a new carpet scheme throughout the facility.
  • Carpet: Prioritizing GWCC’s concourses, meeting rooms and ballrooms/auditoriums, upgrading the facility’s worn and outdated carpet is the second component of the facility’s re-flooring plan. And the new carpet scheme will have a Peach State flair. The design and color scheme will represent natural landscapes found throughout the state of Georgia, from the mountains to the coastal plain. Bid selection is expected at the end of this month, but it could take up to six months to produce the carpet and have boots on the ground.
  • Elevators: To enhance customer service, the Authority approved the A3 and A4 Elevator Renovation Project in Building A, which is moving right along. A3 is now complete and back online, while A4 was taken offline on Sept. 13. The project is expected to be complete by Nov. 20.
  • Georgia Dome: Demolition of the stadium continues leading up to the Nov. 20 implosion date.
  • COP Visioning: A series of transformative projects, as laid out in the Authority’s 2020 Vision strategic plan, are in motion at Centennial Olympic Park, designed to enhance the facility’s Olympic legacy, community access, visitor experience and expand programming opportunities. For more information, details and conceptual renderings, check out the Authority’s new portal for all of the park’s capital improvement projects here:

It’s a busy and exciting time for the Project and Program Management team, and all Authority team members are reminded to be wary of and stay out of construction areas due to potential hazards.