November 02

State of the Authority Recap and Survey

Did you attend State of the Authority yesterday? If so, please STOP what you’re doing right now and fill out this survey:

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Team, we need your feedback! State of the Authority and programs like it are for YOU! So what did you enjoy? What did you dislike? What would you like to learn about in the future? Let us know here:

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If you did miss State of the Authority please see highlights below:


  • The Georgia Dome Implosion will take place on November 20, 2017 at 7:30 a.m. Employees are encouraged to watch the implosion live on WSB-TV.
  • The BridgePoint project was announced! The Getaway Café will be transformed into BridgePoint. Check out the renderings here: November 1 State of the Authority PPT
  • The Q2 Corporate Social Responsibility projects have been announced, contact Tim Trefzer for more information and to sign up:
    • When: November 21st from 1:00 – 4 p.m.
      • Who: Atlanta Community Food Bank
      • What: Sort, organize, and pack donated food and personal care products for distribution
    • When: December 4th – December 15th
      • Who: Atlanta Community Food Bank
      • What: Donate non-perishable food or money
    • When: October 1st – December 31st
      • Who: Charity Recycling Service
      • What: Donate/recycle shoes, clothing, and used textiles (near Public Safety entrance)
    • What: Learn about this organization from the Georgia Program Director (November 30)
  • Our CSR team worked with Reloom to recycle Georgia Dome uniforms! The uniforms were shredded and knitted into awesome messenger bags! If you won a bag yesterday at State of the Authority, CONGRATS!
  • The GWCCA presented SIX word stories: Georgia Dome edition- Check it out here: