November 15

Today is America Recycles Day!

Did you know that the national recycling rate has increased over the past 30 years? The current recycling rate is 34%.

Today is America Recycles Day! And although we recycle every day at the Authority, we want to share just how much we’ve recycled. We diverted over 2 million pounds of materials from landfills in our last fiscal year – that’s the equivalent weight of about 2,000 automobiles! In addition to the single-stream (clean paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass) recycling containers found at desks and throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces of our campus, we also collect kitchen food waste for composting, cardboard for baling, fryer oil for converting to biodiesel, food and materials for donations, and pallets, textiles, metal, and wood. Since 2010, our campus has diverted more than 14.5 million pounds of  materials from landfills!

Don’t forget that you can recycle your used clothing, shoes, and textiles by placing them in the Charity Recycling Services collection container outside GWCC’s Public Safety entrance.

When: NOW – December 31st
Who: Charity Recycling Service
What: Donate/recycle shoes, clothing, and used textiles (near Public Safety entrance)
What: Learn about this organization from the Georgia Program Director (November 30)

Please contact Tim Trefzer at for more information on this project.



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