February 28

Being Heart Healthy 365.

Although it is the last day of February, Heart Health should be practiced year-round. Several ways that you can support your heart are:

  • Being physically active
  • Choosing a healthy eating plan
  • Avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke
  • Taming your stress levels
  • Scheduling regular wellness exams
  • Making heart-healthy living a family affair
  • Knowing your family history

Eating healthy is a critical factor in improving and maintaining heart health. When we think of snacks, we think of the salty bites, sugary drinks and decadent baked goods that we crave, but all snacks are not bad for us. Healthy snacks might sound boring and bland, but you’d be surprised at just how tasty they are and all the new things you’ll get to try! Homemade, heart-healthy snacks are a great way to eat well even when you’re on-the-go. Try out this tasty and quick recipe from the American Heart Association.

Take A Break Snack Mix (2)

For more information on American Heart Month and to find out additional ways to keep your heart healthy, visit: https://healthyforgood.heart.org/



By making healthy choices, you can help lower your risk for heart disease.  Which one of these is not part of a healthy lifestyle?

a) Being physically active
b) Taking medicine prescribed by your doctor
c) Smoking tobacco
d) Eating a healthy diet

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